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  • eXplore 240 TIMELESS TALENT  The eXplore 240 mechanical sewing machine is the key to genuine enjoyment. With it's full complement of stitches and features, this easy to operate, affordable, high-quality sewing machine is perfect for anyone learning to sew as well as for experienced sewers who want to add a basic, quality sewing machine to their sewing... eXplore 240 TIMELESS TALENT  The...

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  • eXplore 340 EMBARK ON A VOYAGE TO NEW CREATIVE DESTINATIONS!  Sail through the most complex sewing challenges! With the eXplore 340, you'll navigate effortlessly through any project, from minor alterations to major new creations. Feel the bracing thrill of new possibilities, ride the wave of your imagination and above all... enjoy yourself! Thanks to... eXplore 340 EMBARK ON A VOYAGE TO NEW...

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  • eXperience  570 AN INSPIRATIONAL ADDITION TO CREATIVE UNIVERSE Wearing something homemade is really trendy. Be part of the maker’s movement and join handcrafted fashion and design enthusiasts.  The eXperience 570 sewing machine will support you along the way, giving you all the tools you need to achieve your creative ideas in this and many other areas.... eXperience  570 AN INSPIRATIONAL...

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